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Welcome to your Digital Future

We work hard to provide online digital solutions for our clients, with a specialisation in helping small foreign/expat businesses grow a powerful online presence within China.

From obtaining a Chinese ICP licence and domain name through to providing and marketing powerful, modular and cost effective E-Commerce platforms, our team has the knowledge and experience to provide a wide range of digital and accounting services.

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Our Services

Creating Digital, Marketing and Accountancy Solutions

Simple Solutions

We understand that not every business wants the complexity of an e-commerce platform. We always aim to provide the simplest and cheapest solution, based upon our client’s requirements. This could be a one-page website to assist English speaking customers or simply an online menu or product list.

E-Commerce Platforms

For our clients who are looking for a powerful online sales platform, our team can provide Magento solutions built around a modular solution. You only pay for the features that you need. We can also include support for Personal and Business WeChat Pay, AliPay and western payment methods.


Our dedicated marketing specialist can assist businesses in targeting their required audiences. We can provide a detailed and cohesive plan to grow the visibility of a company or brand, along with providing marketing content to fit around the company's core products and values.


Supporting our clients throughout the entire process is especially important to us. We always aim to provide clear costs, targets, and project progression reports. Once the project is complete our commitment does not end. We can offer full management services down to simple tweaks and upgrades when required.

Server Management

Our team can provide full server setups and continual support, offering a complete package solution for clients who come to us without an existing digital presence. We can provide servers hosted anywhere in the world or assist our clients in obtaining an ICP licence, so that servers can be setup within China.


Navigating your way through the ever-evolving world of accountancy practices within China can seem like a daunting task. Our team includes a fully trained Chinese business accountant who can manage the books of both large and small organisations within China.

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Our Process

This Is How We Do It

1. You Have An Idea And Contact Us

2. We Meet You To Discuss Your Great Ideas

3. We Submit Our Plan, Designs & Cost

4. We Develop Your Personal Solution

5. We Deliver Our Service To You

Meet Our Team

The People Who Get Things Done

Experienced in marketing, website development, freelancing and project management.

Does computer and server things

Spends their time on WeChat, Facebook, Reddit and many other social media platforms. We call this work.

The social person

With a degree in creative design and 5 years’ experience on a broad range of projects, whatever they do always look beautiful.

Gets Creative

Contracts, company documents, technical documents, website translations and using spoken English and Chinese every day. Our Google Translate 2.0

Our professional google translation service

Have a leaking tap, or fancy a night out but cannot get a babysitter? Our HR helps to remove the complications of being a foreigner in China.

Human Resources
Recruitment, Accommodation, Visa’s and More

A certified accountant with years of experience working as a contract accountant throughout China. The books always balance.

Manages the money and sticks to the rules

About Us

A mix of Expats and Chinese Nationals who have come together to create powerful yet simple solutions.

Being the small guy can be tough financially while obtaining professional IT services can be expensive and difficult, especially for small international companies operating within China.

We operate in a niche area, offering professional corporate services at a cost small business can afford. We achieve this by using existing free technologies to build powerful solutions.

Design 100%
100% Complete
Marketing 70%
70% Complete
Development 90%
90% Complete
Accounting 40%
40% Complete

Modular E-Commerce

Below are a few example modules. Click here for a more complete list

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